Unlocking the People Puzzle

 Personality Insights unlocks the "people puzzle". Have you ever wondered what people are thinking? Or thought that people behave randomly and unexpectedly? By unlocking the people puzzle in our lives, we can reduce stress, minimize conflict, build trust, raise morale, enhance communications.

This Is Our Style!

McDonald Company is dedicated to bringing you the latest informative material that, when used, can make all of our lives more peaceful, positive and productive. We practice "Edu-tainment" - a fun blend of education and entertainment. Our seminars are filled with just the right amount of lecture and laughs, leaving our attendees well informed, ready to hit the road and make things happen!  

Our research team formulates information from the greatest thought leaders of today and yesterday, compiling techniques and data targeting your organizational needs. We specialize in utilizing "Personality Insights", helping people understand themselves, others, and how to more effectively and efficiently communicate and collaborate. 

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One on one even with a crowd!
One on one even with a crowd!


Are you feeling a little down? Maybe it’s something your personality needs!

Jerry’s CSI (customer satisfaction index) is great until they.....

What personality is the best?

People slow me DOWN!!!!!  Why? 

How do I get my D personality child to go to bed?

DISC: The unmotivated student

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